We encourage & inspire - and have a little bit of fun at the same time!

Groups are run by leaders who have both lost weight, AND more importantly kept it off, and the lovely ladies that help us in our groups are also following the plan - we believe this sets the BEST example to our members, and proves that it CAN be done, you've just got to have faith in yourself (and a little bit of help and guidance from our groups!)

Slimming In Barry

A crucial part of what we do is our 'secret' Facebook page - Team SIB Members -

which is ONLY available to our members (it won't come up in a Facebook search, it's by 'invitation only') plus no-one else on your friends list will know that you're in the group, it's only other members that can see who's in there!

We update it daily, and it contains 100's of recipes and meal ideas, new products, supermarket bargains, plus our members are free to post their daily meals, top tips, and ask questions on there - there's ALWAYS someone who will have the answer to a question, everyone helps each other!

And here's just a few of the meals we're eating while STILL losing weight!